August 11th 2017 – Working Hard to Make Beautiful Clearwater Beach Photography Everyday!

The middle of August marks back to school for so many of the kids. It’s sometimes kind of sad really. In a heartwarming way. I remember as a kid marking the last days of summer, making our way down to the beach one last time. The air was humming with heat but yet the palm trees always welcomed us into their shade. We’d spend those last days of summer swimming, laughing, and playing. Only to go back to school and be able to share those memories and experiences with our friends on the first day of school.

Making Clearwater Beach Photography is about so much more than just creating pictures. We’re documenting memories. Commemorating good times. Celebrating our love of family above all things. Because, that’s what it’s all about. Is it not? You work so hard all year counting down the days to moments like these. Because family time, and especially family time at Clearwater Beach is was really matters.

Beach a Clearwater Beach Photographer that specializes in making family portraits is a special job. It’s special because I get to hang out with all of you. Laughing, playing, and capturing memories.

Mom and Dad… Someday when the kids are grown you’re going to look back at these years of your life and not remember the hard times, that boss you can’t stand, or maybe even how you were doing so well and rocking that business or profession being top dog… Nope… You’ll look back and remember these special moments and wish you had more. So that what we celebrate every time we create awesome Clearwater Beach Photography together. Our love of family and the importance we place on those that we love. Your Clearwater Beach Portraits are going to out-live all the other trends in your life, including the latest smart phone, tablet, even a Tesla… I mean we all want a Tesla right? But at the end of the day it’s still all stuff. Yet, your family portraits are just about one of the only things you can buy yourself that are actually going to matter to you. Because that new shiny feeling, like you have when you buy a new car or a new toy, well… that new shiny feeling never wears off your family portraits.

We’re all blessed to be able to be here. I’m blessed to document some awesome memories for you and make some beautiful Clearwater Beach Portraits. Thanks so much for bringing so much joy to my life. I hope I bring the same to yours.

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