Top 5 Worst Things – About being a Clearwater Beach Photographer

So recently I wrote an article about my top 5 favorite things I love about being a Clearwater Beach Photographer. Which you can find here. Of course, with every great top 5 list, you have to write a follow up list…

Well… There are no bad things about being a Clearwater Beach Photographer. This is the best job in the world. I get to work and play at Clearwater Beach every day. Creating awesome Family Portraits at Clearwater Beach for so many amazing people. What could be bad about that? Absolutely nothing! But of course, just like with everything else in life, no matter how much you enjoy something. There’s always some down sides. Right? So let’s get to it.

The “Top 5 Worst things I like about being a Clearwater Beach Photographer”.


Number 5. When it rains it pours!

When it rains… Yep, we certainly get more than our share of rain sometimes. Here on Clearwater Beach we can go months on end without any rain at all. As a Clearwater Beach Photographer who is a native and has lived here my entire life, I’ve certainly seen my share of droughts. I’ve also seen summers so hot, people turn to the streets naked performing rain dances. Praying for a break from the heat. Ok, not really… But still it gets hot. Really hot.

Most of the time when it does rain it’s not like a big event. Typically, a late morning or afternoon sun shower here and there. They’re gone before you know it.  But of course. Every occasionally, we get a spot of rain that lasts for one or two days straight on end. It isn’t common but it can happen. Which is why as your favorite Clearwater Beach Photographer, I always recommend scheduling your Clearwater Beach Photography a bit early in your stay. This leaves you just a bit of wiggle room to reschedule and set up your Clearwater Beach Family Portraits for another day if needed.


Number 4. It can get realllly hot.

I hate it when someone I am creating awesome Clearwater Beach Photography for gets a bad sun burn. I mean like Darth Vader level sun burn, where they really should not be on the beach anymore and instead be placed in a bio life support suit. You’re on vacation at the beach, it happens. You’re busy having a good time and get pre-occupied, forgetting to reapply the magical elixir of life which is known as sunscreen. Hey… Perhaps you’re even visiting from Antarctica or Alaska and aren’t used to actual sun that makes it hot enough to cook eggs. Wherever you’re from keep in mind that down here on Clearwater Beach it only takes less than 30-minutes to become extra well done. Tans are awesome, sun burns are not so awesome. Consider this a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Clearwater Beach Photographer.

In photoshop we can tone down a little bit of redness and help smooth things out no problem. Just try to make sure that in the days leading up to your family portraits at Clearwater Beach, to be diligent about sunscreen. They invented SPF 100 for a reason. Use it.

When in Florida do what real Floridians do and lay that lotion on thick! Or do like real Floridians really do and don’t go outside between the hours of 11am and 5pm. Ha! Even after we make amazing Clearwater Beach Photography, sunscreen is important. The last thing I want to hear about two weeks later is that little Johnny got vaporized just like in Star Trek, but instead of a phaser it was by the sun and all that was left was his flip flops.

Number 3. Rock you like a Hurricane.

Did I say rain sucks? Well a few rainy days are just a fact of life. It’s going to happen from time to time. But what sucks worse than a rainy day? Hurricanes man! Of course, there’s some great things that have come out of hurricanes. Sea walls, rock songs, special mixed drinks, hurricane parties. Yeah! Sometimes hurricanes can be really cool too. Like when you have a big one, the fishing suddenly becomes awesome. I call it multi-tasking fishing. Because after a big hurricane, you can now go deep sea fishing from your SUV while driving down the highway to work in the morning. It’s a win win!

If you happen to encounter a hurricane while on vacation on Clearwater Beach. Don’t panic. Chances are it’s going to be a mild one. Of course, the media will try to make a big fuss about it. Also, we’re probably going to get rain for a few days straight… Which brings me to my next point. If you do get rained out? Like completely rained out, I’m the only photographer on Clearwater Beach that actually has refund policies for stuff like bad weather. I like to keep everything simple. Call me old school. Most likely, even if we have a hurricane, we’ll still be able to get your family portraits done before you leave! But if you were to get completely rained out, I’ll always refund your session fee.

If it’s a bad hurricane. You’ll know. Because you’ll see some photographer guy paddling by you as fast as he can in his row boat, wearing a shirt that says, “Try and keep up.” Most likely though, if you’re in town during a hurricane it will be a minor one.  So, make lemonade out of lemons. Did anyone say hurricane party?


Number 2. Sharks scare the heck out of me. 

Sharks… I can’t stand sharks because they ruin a perfectly great Family Portrait Session on Clearwater Beach. Like that one time that Dad got eaten by a shark that fell out of the sky. It was a rough day. Haven’t you seen Sharknado? Totally based on a true story. It has to be…. I lived through it and am here to tell the tale. It’s a tall tail… At least that’s what I always tell all the kids.

I keep a few locked treasure boxes stocked full of chainsaws buried underneath the sand at Clearwater Beach. Just in case. You can never be too prepared. Listen, this isn’t like Shark week around here kids. As your favorite Clearwater Beach Photographer, I’m here to keep you safe from those pesky sharks. Well, except for that one time….  And that was totally not my fault! I don’t care what the review says.

Anyways… I’ll teach your kids how to properly yell shark at the top of their lungs on the beach. It scares all the Canadians every time… Your kids are going to pick up so many great habits from me, you’ll all soon be referring to me as Uncle John Paulie at Clearwater Beach. They’re going to pick up valuable habits like yelling shark all together as a family while holding hands and running down Clearwater Beach with big smiles while I take your picture.  See… Not only are my Clearwater Beach Photography sessions perfect for creating family portraits at the beach, but they’re also very educational and include a big emphasis on beach safety.

Okay so Sharknado didn’t happen in real life and I possibly just have an over active imagination. Oh well it’s still fun to mess with the kids.


Number 1. I love you all just too much!

The number one worst thing about being a Clearwater Beach Photographer is that there is only 365 days a year. I can’t possibly create amazing Clearwater Beach Photography for everyone. I book up really fast, so be sure so call early. But with my new 30-minute sessions that I’m rolling out this year. I can come close. I pride myself on creating the best family portraits found anywhere on Clearwater Beach, which also happen to be the most affordable Clearwater Beach Photography you’ll find around the beach. I also have a great time doing it.

I can’t wait to hang out with your family next and be your Clearwater Beach Photographer.

I’ll see you at the beach!

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