How to Book your Clearwater Beach Photography

To book a Clearwater Beach Family Portrait Session please call me at 727-831-2186 to ensure availability of your date and time.

All sessions are reserved with a $95 deposit which is refundable if it rains or I am otherwise unable to photograph your session. If you need to cancel your session, please give me a 48 hour notice. If I have 48 hours notice, I am happy to refund your deposit. This will allow me to fill your date with another family. The remaining balance of your session fee is due the evening of your session. If you wish to use a credit card on the day of your session, I process through Square on-location. Deposits are charged over the phone at the time of booking your session.Also feel free to say “Hi” anytime. I’m always available to take your call and answer any questions as long as I’m not in the middle of a session. I always pick up the phone! I try to keep everything simply fuss free and fun!

This page outlines everything that you can expect from your Clearwater Beach Photography session and what you can expect from me.

Creating Family Portraits at Clearwater Beach is a very personalized experience. I always prefer to talk to you on the phone before we set up any session. This is not a sales pitch call, but more like a getting to know you call. I love what I do, and care about the people I work for. I want to make your experience great. Typically we talk about your family, how many kids you have, the ages, go over the details of what I offer, and talk about what to wear. These calls take five minutes of your time. It’s worth it and helps plan out your session. My sessions are always one simple flat rate. Never more and no up-sells. I always include the finished image files too!

Before Booking Your Session – Info on what you can expect from me…

I edit the pictures and make them look pretty. I shoot in selected spots purposefully which minimize the chances of random people being in the background.  However if some random guy in a speedo wanders into your beautiful image, no worries, I remove them!  All my images are edited and made to look beautiful. I always say… If you like what you see here on this website, then that is what you can expect to get. I’m always scoping out new and beautiful locations around Clearwater Beach, rather than always shooting at the same places everyone else does. I like to keep it fresh.

All Images are 100% Copyright Free for you – The images I create for you are Digitally Delivered to you in your own gallery within 10 days or less after your session. You will get an email inviting you into your gallery, where you can view and download them. You are free to make prints anywhere you choose.

See the bottom of this page for our preferred lab. They give you a discount on all orders and are literally the best around. Their prices can’t be beat for what you get!

I never delete your online gallery that I deliver to you and it never expires. I have unlimited image storage. So I still have all the pictures I’ve ever taken. However, please do make sure you back up your images somewhere else. Even though I have unlimited storage. I cannot make promises that I’m going to have them 10 years from now or when I’m 90. So please back them up once you download them.

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Tips for Preparing for your session!

  • For selecting outfits – I always recommend choosing lighter colors. Nothing to dark or contrasty. Don’t wear black clothing on the beach. White and khaki, coral, or lighter pastel colors work best. Navy is dark but the exception to the rule and always looks classy. Just keep it simple and you’ll be in good shape.
  • Ladies bring hair ties just in case it is a bit breezy! I know it’s not your first choice. But keep in mind the beach is not a studio and it is always a bit breezy if not windy.
  • Don’t get sun burned before your Clearwater Beach Photography. SPF 100 was invented for a reason. Also don’t get eaten by any Sharks before your session. Just kidding there’s no Sharks around Clearwater Beach… Well… Not big ones anyways.
  • Go Barefoot – Leave the Tennis Shoes at home… Sorry have to mention this. It happens.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun! We’re going to have fun. You’re on vacation relax! 🙂
  • Basically keep it simple and enjoy yourselves. I create Beach Photography that makes you happy.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me at anytime by email or call me at727-831-2186.I always pick up the phone unless I am shooting.
Thanks so much! I’ll see you at the beach.

Our Preferred Lab – Great People – Great Lab – Click the Picture Below to Open a Separate Link