Wedding Photography holds a special place in my heart. I started out photographing countless weddings for couples from all walks of life at Clearwater Beach and throughout the entire Tampa Bay Area. That was over 16 years ago, and I’m still going strong. These days my primary focus is on Family Portraits at Clearwater Beach. However, I still get asked all the time. “Do you shoot weddings?” Well… sure why not. 🙂 These days I’m really only interested in photographing Weddings on Clearwater Beach or other beach locations close by. I like to stick to simple beach weddings.

I’m available to photograph the Ceremony, Family Portraits immediately following, and create romantic Bride and Groom portraits for you. Unfortunately I’m just not available to photograph extended receptions or longer weddings. I’m just too busy with other portrait work to make it work. But if what I offer works for you and you’re mainly after having the most important aspects of your wedding at Clearwater Beach covered. Well… then I’m happy to help.

Simple Beach Weddings Only $395 – Includes your images files – Coverage for your Ceremony and Portraits Immediately Following. Includes up to an hour and a half of photography time which is sufficient for most weddings at Clearwater Beach.

On this page you will find a nice sampling of great wedding images I’ve created over the years! Nope it’s not all from Clearwater Beach, but I think it demonstrates a level of mastery and my true love of the craft. So I’m excited to share them with you. If you’d like to speak more about your wedding at Clearwater Beach, please call me anytime at 727-831-2186! Thank you.

Your only going to hire a wedding photographer once in your life. So it’s important to really get to know the person you are entrusting to photograph your wedding. This page is designed as a walk through experience in an effort to clearly communicate who I am as a photographer, what I have to offer, and what you can expect from me. I’ve always believed that every single great working relationship with a couple begins with clear communication and clear expectations.

I believe great wedding photography starts with a strong foundation and knowledge of how to execute beautiful portraiture. Anyone can wander around a wedding and photograph lots of journalistic snap shots. Documenting the ceremony and reception along with taking pictures of rings, flowers, and table arrangements. That stuff is easy. It’s all great too. But at the end of the day. The pictures you are always going to come back to first are going to be your romantic portraits, bridals, wedding party and initial engagement portraits. These are the primary and most important pictures that highlight your special day. Trust me. They are the ones you will cherish the most. You’ll print them and have canvases made from them. You’ll prominently display them around your home for years to come and someday you’ll pass them down to your children. It’s that important.

Your wedding photography isn’t just a series of pictures. It commemorates one of the biggest moments in your life. Hiring a wedding photographer isn’t like ordering a pizza. It’s so important that you find someone that genuinely cares about you and your needs. You don’t want to be just another pay day for a photographer. You especially want to hire a photographer who has lots to show. I shoot family portraits on a daily basis on Clearwater Beach along with Wedding Photography. My work laid out throughout this website is no accident and not just a series of a few lucky shots that makes my website look slick. When you dig deeper into this website you’ll find that I show publicly more work than nearly every single on Clearwater Beach. I lay it all out for you here… I’ve always felt that is extremely important. You want someone who can demonstrate that they can create amazing work repeatedly over and over. Your wedding photography is no place for someones on the job training. It’s the beginning of your new life. It’s the start of everything great that is to come for the rest of your life together and trust me, there’s lots of great things to come. Your future is going to be bright with so much to look forward to!

The first part of being an awesome wedding photographer is to be completely comfortable working with people and directing them. You’d be surprised but this is the biggest hurdle most photographers struggle to master. At some point as you progress through life as a photographer you just have a light bulb moment and realize that you’re just not going to get the results you want and your client deserves, until you get over yourself, get out of your shell, and take control of mastering every aspect of the portrait. I hear this concern daily as a family portrait photographer from Moms who in the past have worked with photographers who offered little in terms of direction.

I love people and I love working with people. Being a photographer is like a daily exercise in sociology. You realize quickly that although we are all different and unique in our own special ways. That also in so many aspects we are very similar. Most all of us feel uncomfortable when someone is taking our picture. It’s easy to feel silly or be afraid that you look stupid. It’s a photographers job first and foremost to put you at ease through his or her mannerisms and personality. You have to work with a photographer who’s work you respect and whom you trust otherwise you will never feel at ease.

On your wedding day, your wedding photographer is one of the few people who will literally be with you from start to finish. It’s a special relationship and bond you form with the person photographing your wedding. You’re literally sharing every single emotional and intimate moment of the biggest day of your life with that person behind that camera. One of the biggest compliments I always receive is how calm I am throughout the day and how I put people at ease. So many of the couples I have photographed weddings for have become life long friends. When my wife and I go out to local events around town we seemingly always run into someone that I’ve created wedding memories for. That bond is life long. It’s a special experience forever shared and never forgotten. That’s the single greatest thing about being so blessed to be a wedding photographer. That blessing to be granted access into so many peoples lives can never be taken for granted.

As your wedding photographer. I’m not just the guy creating pictorial memories for the biggest day of your life. I genuinely care about everyone I work for. Often I am the first person hired for the event the moment after the date is set and the venue is picked. So I’m also there to make recommendations to you. Giving you referrals for florists, officiants, and so on. I want your day to be amazing. I want you to hire people who are going to make your party great. Not only for you… But also because it’s going to give me even more premium content to photograph throughout the day.

Life is short. I personally have always believed nothing is worth doing unless you are all in and actually care about the work you do. Everything I do as a Clearwater Beach Wedding Photographer is about making connections or documenting connections. It’s a beautiful thing. So lets work together and make magic!

So what can you expect from me as your Clearwater Beach Wedding Photographer? First and foremost. I always pick up the phone. Unless of course I’m behind the camera. In that case I get back to you ASAP. This may sound simple. But test out the waters and you’ll see how important this is. There’s nothing like hiring a professional and after you paid your deposit you don’t have access to them for questions or help. I’m always here for you and always make myself accessible and available. If you fill out a contact form on this website and inquire about wedding photography, you’ll find that you’ll receive a call the same day, often times within the hour. I make people feel like a priority.

On your wedding day you can expect professionalism, patience, direction, and support. I’m not only there to take your pictures. I’m there to be your friend and look out for you and make sure your entire day goes smoothly. During the portrait phase of your wedding day when we create your romantic couples portraits you can rest assured that you’re going to be highlighted in the best way. You’re beautiful and it will show in your portraits. You’re entire wedding day is a beautiful event and it will be captured as such.

You’re not going to wait months or years for your wedding pictures afterwards. Getting your wedding pictures isn’t going to turn into a horror story similar to ones you may have heard about. They are going to be edited, processed, your portraits will be artistically enhanced. At which point the finished images will be uploaded and archived to your private gallery and you will have immediate access to them to download them and make prints, canvases, and albums anywhere you choose. They are your pictures. You are free to do what you want with them. You’ll get them in about two weeks, most likely less.

Call me at 727-831-2186 and lets chat about your big day and see if we’ll be an awesome fit for each other!