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 Affordable Clearwater Beach Photography that is consistent, beautiful, fun, and makes you happy! I love being a Clearwater Beach Photographer and it shows in every single way I present myself. I love to boast about my clients and how I get to create amazing family portraits at Clearwater Beach for people from all over. I show more samples of work on my website than any other photographer on Clearwater Beach. I owe it all to you! Without all of you, my dreams would never had come true. Thanks to you I’ve enjoyed being one of the most sought out Clearwater Beach Photographers my entire adult life. I’m truly thankful to all the families I get work with every year!

Sessions are always priced at $295 for Family Portraits at Clearwater Beach! One simple flat rate! That’s how I like things. Simple and fuss free. I don’t add extra fee’s for big groups. The price is the same. You get me for an evening working with you to create some awesome Clearwater Beach Photography.

Perfect for Family Portraits and Couples Portraits. In fact that is solely what I specialize in, Family Portraits first… Always!

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Clearwater Beach Family Portrait Photographers

As a Clearwater Beach photographer who has spent his entire life creating family portraits at the beach. I’ve learned the most important thing is to have great communication with my clients and properly setting expectations from the start. My Clearwater Beach Photography is all about having fun, creating art, and always about Family First!

During all of my portrait sessions. I always try my best to pick spots in which there will be no random people in the background. That way you never have a random guy in a speedo hanging out in the background of your family portrait! Unless of course it’s George Clooney… At which point we’ll leave him in so you can brag to all your friends on facebook. Because I am careful in how I create the portraits when behind the camera, it cuts down on editing time off camera. Of course if some stranger wanders into the background, I go ahead and remove them making it look as if you had the beach to yourself.

Most Clearwater Beach Photographers create portraits on the crowded parts of main Clearwater Beach. Which is packed with people and other clutter. Since I’m a native, I know where all the best spots are. I’m the only one who gives you the truly unique choices. It’s all about location baby!

Clearwater Beach Photographer for Family Portraits

When preparing for your portrait session keep in mind that the beach is not a studio environment. So it’s important to be prepared for breezy or windy days. We only cancel sessions if it’s raining. So ladies be sure to bring hair ties just in case. I know it’s not exactly your first choice, but it’s better than a face full of hair. It’s always breezy by the water, so please keep that in mind.

I always work hard to ensure my Beach Portraits are consistent with all of the other work you see here. I don’t take myself too seriously. I’m always happy and joke alot. Though I probably need some new material with the jokes.. I’m humble and kind in everything I do. I’ve been put here on earth to share and create for others!

I love creating family portraits at Clearwater Beach. I’m not here to get rich. I work hard at what I do. But it’s true what they say… Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I truly enjoy what I do, and enjoy keeping my Clearwater Beach Photography affordable and fun for everyone. I’m professional and treat my profession like… well a real profession. I always pick up the phone… Always respond to contact forms quickly. In fact I always make myself available around the clock. That way, I get to hang out at the beach every day while being of service to others!

To book a portrait session with me. Please be sure to visit my contact page. I love to also travel around to different beach towns as much as possible.To reserve a session please call me at 727-831-2186 or fill out one of the contact forms found through out this website.

Clearwater Beach Portraits

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