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November 20th 2017 – Clearwater Beach Portraits

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November 16th 2017 Clearwater Beach Photographers

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November 13th 2017 Clearwater Beach Photography

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November 11th 2017 Clearwater Beach Family Portraits

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November 7th 2017 Clearwater Beach Photographer

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I have something I want to sell you this Holiday Season and It’s not Clearwater Beach Photography.

I have something I want to sell you this Holiday Season and it’s not Clearwater Beach Photography. It’s Joy and Optimism for 2018. Plus…. I’m giving it away free of charge. So it won’t cost […]

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November 5th 2017 Update – Clearwater Beach Photographer

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New Clearwater Beach Photography – November 4th 2017

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Lets Celebrate Family! – Clearwater Beach Photography

November is finally here! This is my favorite month of the year. November is all about Thanksgiving and celebrating the idea of family. The single most important thing in all of our lives. Yep sure… […]

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Clearwater Beach Photography – October 23rd 2017 – Recent Clearwater Beach Portraits

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October 12th 2017 Clearwater Beach Photography

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October 10th 2017 Clearwater Beach Photographers making Awesome Family Portraits at the Beach

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Recent Family Portraits from your favorite Clearwater Beach Photographers October 8th 2017

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Clearwater Beach Photographer – New Images from October 6th 2017

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Love what you do and it will always show!

The title of this blog post is “Love what you do and it will always show!” I’ve lived by that phrase my entire life and carried that with me through my work as a Clearwater […]

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Clearwater Beach Photography – October 1st 2017

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Clearwater Beach Photography – September 25th 2017

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We’re back after Hurricane Irma! Come on down the sun is shining, the weather is great, and it’s perfect for making awesome Clearwater Beach Photography

We survived Hurricane Irma! Thankfully the Clearwater Beach area made out very well. Everything is already back to normal at the beach. It’s like nothing ever happened. We were lucky to get this awesome Clearwater […]

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9/22/17 Update – New Family Portraits from your Favorite Clearwater Beach Photographer.

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Recent Clearwater Beach Family Portraits

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9-17-2017 Recent Clearwater Beach Photography Update

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Clearwater Beach Photography Update – New Beach Portraits!

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The only Clearwater Beach Photographer that keeps you updated on new work all the time.

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More recent work from 2017 – Your favorite Clearwater Beach Photographer

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Top 5 Worst Things – About being a Clearwater Beach Photographer

So recently I wrote an article about my top 5 favorite things I love about being a Clearwater Beach Photographer. Which you can find here. Of course, with every great top 5 list, you have […]

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8/19/2017 Recent Clearwater Beach Photography – Photographed and Completed in less than 24 hours. Best Clearwater Beach Photographers around!

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Clearwater Beach Photographer hanging out at the beach with old friends!

Tonight I had the pleasure of creating Clearwater Beach Portraits for one my favorite ladies! It’s our second time around and we had a blast! It’s never a dull moment being a Clearwater Beach Photographer […]

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New Clearwater Beach Photography

Second time around creating awesome Clearwater Beach for these three guys! Photographed these Clearwater Beach Portraits on August 13th 2017. See you at the beach next!

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Clearwater Beach Photographer – Update August 14th 2017 – Recent Beach Portraits

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Recent Clearwater Beach Photography – August 4th 2017 Family Portraits at Clearwater Beach

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Top 5 Things I Love about being a Clearwater Beach Photographer

#5 – I get to hang out around Clearwater Beach every day. This is a dream job! So many people joke about retiring to the beach. Who needs to retire? Just work and live at […]

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Philadelphia Phillies – Jenmar Gomez & Family – Clearwater Beach Photography


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August 10th 2017 – Couples Portraits on Clearwater Beach

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August 11th 2017 – Recent Family Portraits at Clearwater Beach

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My job as a Clearwater Beach Photographer is about slowing down time….

Imagine you’re at the office. Peering out the window. Taking a mental vacation for two seconds in between clients. As time slows down you peer out that window. Specks of dust flow down, filtered by […]

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August 11th 2017 – Working Hard to Make Beautiful Clearwater Beach Photography Everyday!

The middle of August marks back to school for so many of the kids. It’s sometimes kind of sad really. In a heartwarming way. I remember as a kid marking the last days of summer, […]

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Clearwater Beach Photography – Recent Pictures as of August 9th 2017

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Working with all the children is the best part of making awesome Clearwater Beach Photography

Whenever I talk to people about my career as a photographer. It always turns to the best part of my job. Working with children. I started my career as a full-time photographer at 20 years […]

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A fresh look at Beach Portraits and a new approach to Clearwater Beach Photography

Over the last couple years I’ve noticed a copy cat trend in beach portraits. Especially when it comes to pricing and what you actually get. With my old business we we’re the trend setters for […]

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Welcome to the New Clearwater Beach Photography Website.

Hi! My name is John Paul Kindig. I want to welcome you to my brand new website for everything Clearwater Beach Photography! I’ve been creating family portraits at Clearwater Beach for over 15 years. I […]

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